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Smarter Choices?

What are Smarter Choices?

Smarter Choices refers to a variety of methods and initiatives which reduce the negative impacts of travel on congestion, carbon emissions, the environment and health. It embraces many of the supporting factors which influence travel choice such as public transport, cycling and walking information together with directly informing people about alternative modes of travel through personalised travel planning schemes.

Smarter Choices are becoming an increasingly important element in ensuring an effective system of transport in the United Kingdom. One of the challenges ACT TravelWise and transportation planners face is ensuring that Smarter Choices are mainstreamed into transport strategies. Only in this way can transport strategies create sustainability, greater accessibility and social inclusion and a first-class integrated transport system.

In July 2005, the Department for Transport published 'Smarter Choices – Changing the way we travel' to provide guidance on possible sustainable travel measures.

The Smarter Choices menu includes:
  • workplace and school travel plans
  • personalised travel planning, travel awareness campaigns and public transport information and marketing
  • car clubs and car sharing schemes
  • teleworking, teleconferencing and home shopping.


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