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For more information on cycle routes, to request maps and arrange cycle training sessions to boost your confidence, visit the page for your local area using the map below. 

Why Cycle?

Cycling is a cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the car which is perfect for short trips to the shops, education, work and railway stations. Cycle parking is available at most railway stations to help with combining cycling and rail travel. Cycling can also help you to be TravelWise for the following reasons:
  • Combats climate change by reducing your CO2 emissions
  • Improves your fitness and health
  • Saves money by cutting your travel budget
  • Reduces local traffic congestion and help economic growth
  • Reduces pollution and improve air quality.
Ask your employer if they operate the "Cycle to Work" scheme so you can saddle up for less money and start enjoying the benefits of cycling.

Your Local Area

Featured Links

Cycle Journey Planner

Find a cycle route between two points which is either the quietest, quickest or most recreational.


This site provides comprehensive information for all public transport services within the West Midlands.

Bike Budi

BikeBUDi is really easy - and totally free to use. If you want some company on your bike ride (whether that’s to work or just for fun), the system matches you up with others going the same route, so you can ride together.

Social Cycling

Online tool which allows people to buddy up with other cyclists in their area either for recreational or commuting purposes.


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