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Alternatives to Travel

Methods and definitions of alternatives to travel

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For working and shopping people are starting to realise the benefits of not travelling.  

Although this website mostly provides 
information on sustainable travel, by not travelling people can still help to fulfil TravelWise objectives and make smarter choices.

Alternatives to Travel

Alternatives to travel are methods for reducing or removing the need to travel through the use of information and communications technologies and flexible working. This could include: working from home or a work hub or office closer to home, making use of tele and video-conferencing technology, staggering working hours to avoid travelling during peak hours, or other methods.

Most initiatives focus on commuting and business travel, but alternatives can also be used to replace other journeys, for example through online shopping. There are a range of benefits associated with alternatives to travel:
  • environmental - reduced transport emissions
  • economic - increased staff productivity, reduced travel and office costs, improved staff retention, reduced absenteeism
  • social - improved quality of life and work/life balance.

What's going on in the West Midlands?

The Smarter Working WM project in the West Midlands aims to raise the productivity of organisations while reducing carbon emissions, through the collection of measures and initiatives which aim to change the way organisations operate.

More information is available on the Directgov website about what people should consider when homeworking or teleworking, including employment rights.

The Government has carried out research into Alternatives to Travel and has reported its findings. The Anywhere Working consortium and website has resulted from this research and it contains some useful case studies which will enable businesses to learn from the experience of others. 

Methods and definitions of Alternatives to Travel and Smarter Working

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Smarter Working WM

A website for people who want support with adopting methods of working that raises productivity and reduces carbon emissions.

Anywhere Working

Anywhere Working is a joint initiative between a host of organisations. Find out how each of the partners embrace anywhere working.


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