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carbon free travel - bike routes and information in the West Midlands
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Weekly Transport News Round-up: April 13th 2015

News from the world of smarter travel. [...]


10/04/2015 Weekly Transport News Round-up: March 23rd 2015
01/01/2015 Smart Network, Smarter Choices
02/04/2011 News from ACT TravelWise and Modeshift

Travel information for planning journeys by low carbon and healthy methods of transport in the West Midlands


Calories, Carbon and Car Costs

What do you use and what can you save?
Use the on-line calculators for calories, carbon dioxide and car costs to find out the costs of your travel choices and other activities.

It can be cheaper, healthier and better for the environment to use TravelWise methods of transport like cycling, walking, car sharing and public transport.  Better still, if your employer allows you to work from home your savings could be even greater.
                                    Calculate calories used
        Calculate carbon produced
        Calculate money saved

TravelWise Campaign

  Smart Network, Smarter Choices

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TravelWise Campaign by viewing
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